2023: Unveiling the Bones

November 2 – 5, 2023

Prince William Forest Park

For information and announcements about this year’s event, keep an eye on this page!

Special Guest

Enfys Book

We are delighted to welcome local Pagan Enfys J. Book as our Special Guest for 2023! You can learn more about Enfys here, or visit their website! Details regarding their workshops to come!

Event Theme

Unveiling the Bones

As we move to a new site in 2023, we mused on what that means for our event and for each of us as individuals. We spent a lot of time discussing creating new traditions, moving past outdated traditions, and focusing on the core essentials of what our spiritual paths mean to us–as a community, as an event, as an individual.

The idea of bones—being the core of our bodies, and the symbolism that entails—came up often while we spoke about the theme. (And Pagans and witches do love bones.)

So, this year’s theme is “Unveiling the Bones,” with the intent to focus on breaking boundaries that need breaking, getting down to the essentials, and rebuilding foundations; on breaking new ground, but sticking with the core elements that are most important to us; on baring that which makes us who we are, defines our paths, and growing from there.

Ritual Arc

As we descend into ourselves during the dark time of the year, we will shed that which no longer serves us. This year at Hallowed Homecoming: A Samhain Retreat, we will focus on finding our inner selves and strengthening the foundations upon which we build our identity, both spiritually and physically. To do so, we must challenge the preconceived notions we have of ourselves, as well as our external fears.

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