The Coordination Committee of Hallowed Homecoming consists of the executive board officers responsible for the legal entity that hosts our retreat: Hallowed Homecoming Productions.


Frank Stormcatcher

Director, Land & Security Committee Chair, Security & Safety Coordinator

Frank is a Guardian and has been practicing for over two decades. His practice specializing in various modes of protective magics and exorcism. In addition to his metaphysical training, Frank has a degree in Anthropology of Religion and the History & Philosophy of Science, of which he makes frequent use.

Other Committee(s): Land & Security

Heather Fireheart

Event Coordinator

Heather Fireheart has been on her spiritual path for over 15 years and has studied with many different teachers from Wiccan to Heathen traditions and many things in-between. She has been a part of planning and executing local Northern Virginia pagan events for the last decade, including Hallowed Homecoming, Fertile Ground Gathering and Northern Virginia Pagan Pride. An administrative assistant by day, Heather walks her own independent path, mixing spirituality with her love of cooking, yarn magic and empathy. She is almost always found in the kitchen – cooking, singing, and talking people’s heads off.

Other Committee(s): Hospitality & Outreach


(she/her accepted)

Cat Yimet


Cat is a historically informed polytheist and Pagan, animist, and witch. Xyr path focuses on folklore and mythology, and xe is developing a path based on these old tales for the modern world. Cat also studies both hedgewitchery and traditional witchcraft. Xe is the co-founder and president of the Fellowship Beyond the Star. Xe lives in Alexandria with xyr long-time partner and their two dogs.

Other Committee(s): Hospitality & Outreach

Crystal Redbird Rising


Crystal is a nearly 20-year veteran of the greater NoVA Pagan community. She has been an integral part of planning and coordinating local Pagan events for the last 14 years, including Fertile Ground Gathering and Hallowed Homecoming. A former ordained minister with ShadowGrove Spiritual Ministries, she currently serves as chaplain for the Guardians of the Caomhnoiri Fian, and is a qualified death doula through both the International End of Life Doula Association and the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine. 

Other Committee(s): Hospitality & Outreach, Finance


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