Hospitality & Outreach/Finance

Affectionately known as “the HOF,” this group of committee members attends to the financial needs of the event, as well as the emotional and physical needs of the attendees. Kitchen, tea/coffee bar, and promotional materials are sponsored by these folks.

Additional Members: Cat Yimet, Heather Fireheart


Michelle Stormcatcher

Committee Chair

Michelle has been a practicing Pagan since the mid 1990s. She became more involved in the greater pagan community in 2005 and served as the Supplies Coordinator for Fertile Ground Gathering for 6 of its first 7 years, as well as serving as a local Pagan Pride Day coordinator since 2015. She works professionally in procurement and enjoys it so much she happily volunteers to do this work for several of the awesome local pagan events too.

Other Committee(s): Coordination

Bonnie Stanton


Bonnie is an eclectic pagan that has been practicing in Northern Virginia for over 15 years. She has assisted with planning Fertile Ground Gathering in the past and has a deep love of supporting both the local pagan community along with assisting with events that bring new knowledge and connections.


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Nancy McMahan Farrar

Financial Representative, Auditor

Nancy is a practicing eclectic polytheist, Priestess and witch. She’s both an organizer and a scientist by training, and a lifelong explorer who is always seeking out opportunities to learn new things. She’s walked closely with Nature for most of her life. She’s a former staff member and instructor with Legion of Pagans, is a Second Degree initiate with Squanderosa Circle, and is a First Degree initiate with the Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag.

Crystal Redbird Rising

Kitchen Coordinator

Crystal is a nearly 20-year veteran of the greater NoVA Pagan community. She has been an integral part of planning and coordinating local Pagan events for the last 14 years, including Fertile Ground Gathering and Hallowed Homecoming. A former ordained minister with ShadowGrove Spiritual Ministries, she currently serves as chaplain for the Guardians of the Caomhnoiri Fian, and is a qualified death doula through both the International End of Life Doula Association and the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine.

Other Committee(s): Finance, Spiritual


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