Land & Security

The Land & Security Committee provides site management and work crew for the weekend. They attend to parking needs, fire management, and first aid for our retreat, ensuring the physical and spiritual safety of all attendees.

Additional Members: Frank Stormcatcher (Committee Chair), Sean


Chi McIntyre-Johnson

Chi McIntyre-Johnson (She/her) Grail Priestess (O.A.G.), Witch, Ovate, Heathen. Guardian. Member of the Land & Security Committee.

Benn Mace

Benn is an independent practitioner and laymember of the greater NOVA pagan community. His practice centers around nature and balance. He habitually gets lost to find himself in the woods.



Adrienne Anderson

Adrienne Anderson has been a practicing Egyptian for over 22 years. She is currently living in Akron Ohio with her husband Scott and offspring Jack, as well as with a well documented dog and cat. Recognized as a Guardian in good standing in 2011 and ordained as clergy by the state of Ohio in 2013, Adrienne is part of the lead clergy for Crooked River Circle in Northeast Ohio, serving the populace as one of the largest public pagan groups in the area, as well as being the lead guardian at their events. She is active in Akron in the local community and neighborhood events to facilitate better communication between pagan and non-pagan communities. Adrienne also is the first pagan clergy to have opened prayer for the Akron City Council in their over 100 year history.

Scott Anderson

Scott has been walking the Norse path for 15 years. He lives in Akron, Ohio with his wife Adrienne and their offspring.


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