The Spiritual Committee plans the weekend’s ritual arc, reviews workshop applications, and coordinates with the special guest for that year’s event.

she/her; they/them

Cora Procyon

Committee Chair

Cora is an animist and polytheist who identifies as a traditional hedgewitch. She has been practicing folk magic for most of her life but began to identify as a witch and study witchcraft over twenty years ago. Her focus in witchcraft has been on hedgewitchery, traditional witchcraft, root work and folk magic. In addition, she finds spiritual fulfillment in pulling large stones up big hills to create lasting monuments to the people and the land she loves.

Liam McGhee

Liam has been a practicing Druid with a shamanistic bent for 5 years. His blending of a technological career with a spiritual lifestyle have earned him the nickname “Techno Druid”. He loves to learn about and experience all paths, feeling that our shared experiences make us more complete people. Having served as a board member and event planner for both Oak and Eagle and the Mid Atlantic Gathering (MAGUS), he is proud to help make this years Hallowed Homecoming truly amazing!



Stephanie Armagost

Stephanie Armagost has been a part of the NoVA Pagan community for almost 20 years and was a solo practitioner for many years before then. She has participated in planning and coordinating local events including Fertile Ground Gathering and now Hallowed Homecoming. She is a former ordained minister with ShadowGrove Spiritual Ministries, a Reiki Master, follows the path of an Eclectic Witch and Healer and has recently been called to a Heathen path. Her favorite pastimes are learning new things, playing DnD, going to Tea, and spending time with her family.

Elizabeth Bettie Gray

Bettie is a hedge witch who was raised Buddhist in the hills of Tennessee. She recently joined the NOVA pagan community and is excited to join in planning the annual HHSR event.

she/her; they/them


Candice Demuth

Candice has been a practicing Pagan for almost 15 years. She focuses on Norse/Celtic traditions and incorporates her craft in everyday life. In the past, she helped planned Fertile Ground Gathering for several years, taking a step back to pursue her passion with her knife business, Tempered Raven, that she runs with her husband, brother and life-long friend.

Formally the Youth minister of ShadowGrove, her focus has shifted to being the spiritual leader of her chosen family.

Other Committee(s): Finance

Rath Cobv

Rath is a traditionally trained High Priest in service to the Ancients. He has taught and led public ritual in the greater DC region for the past 15 years. Witches call him Witch. Shamans call him Shaman. Heathens call him Heathen.

he/him; they/them

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