New Site: Camp 5 – Happyland

2023 marks an exciting update for our event: new campsite! Camp 5 is located near our historic location (Camp 2), but provides some heated buildings and more accessible pathways. Some highlights of the new site are below!

Heated Bunk Houses

In each Bunk House, there are 6 clusters of 4 bunks. Each bunk has its own small closet for storage. The cool thing here is that you can make your own blanket fort by taping up sheets over your bunk for some extra cozy and bit of privacy.

The bunks will easily be big enough for taller folks (at least 6’4″). There is also a bathroom inside each Bunk House that has two shower stalls, two toilet stalls, and two sinks.

Rustic Cabins

These cabins are the same as those at our former site. Rustic cabins are not heated and do not have restrooms; however, there is a central bathroom a short walk away.


Also new-to-us at this site is a huge pavilion with a beautiful fireplace at one end and a stage at the other end.

Dining Hall

Since the Dining Hall is heated, the fireplace there is 100% ambiance. We don’t have to worry about having to waiting for the fire to heat up the Dining Hall after a cold night any more.

There’s definitely a lot more great stuff about Camp 5, and we’re really excited to share everything with you. Even the directions here are easy! If you’ve been to Hallowed Homecoming; A Samhain Retreat before, you just turn right instead of left after you turn onto Mawavi Road from Joplin Road.

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