Hallowed Homecoming Productions is hosting Hallowed Homecoming: A Samhain Retreat in Northern Virginia as an opportunity to connect with others, explore various practices and topics, and celebrate our Ancestors. Hallowed Homecoming Productions is an organization composed of a variety of Pagans in the Northern Virginia and nearby Maryland area. Our goal is to present a Samhain retreat open to all – those new to the path, experienced practitioners, leaders, and everyone in between. 

This weekend retreat is taking place in a location special to many of us in the local and extended Pagan community. We consider the land at Prince William Forest Park sacred ground. We will be offering learning opportunities at workshops throughout the weekend, reverence and honoring of our Ancestors with a dedicated Altar for this purpose, and rituals each day with the Main Ritual being the highlight of the weekend.


Hallowed Homecoming is a retreat founded to provide the greater Pagan community with a quiet, safe and supportive environment in which to observe and contemplate Samhain; the cycles of life, death, and rebirth; what they mean to us both personally and as a community; and to reach out to and honor our ancestors, be they by choice or by blood, be they spiritual, or cultural.


Hallowed Homecoming welcomes all individuals regardless of spiritual path, gender, sexual orientation, identity, nationality, or race.  We place great importance to the safety & conduct of our attendees, and to that end we do not condone or accept any form of discrimination, non-consensual contact, harassment, implied harm, or any illegal activities.  We expect all those present at the event to abide by these guidelines.


We hope for Hallowed Homecoming to be the premier Samhain retreat on the Eastern Seaboard where we foster deep connections with the ancestors, deity, and nature; honor the cycle of life, death, and rebirth; weave new threads of community; and provide an environment for growth and learning, to build personal knowledge, and strengthen spirituality.

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