In Memoriam

We remember those who have touched Hallowed Homecoming: a Samhain Retreat who have passed beyond the veil.

Ranger Brian McIntyre

National Park Service

Ranger Brian was well known to those in the Pagan community who regularly enjoy Prince William Forest Park. The planners of the first Hallowed Homecoming in 2015 knew Brian well from previous years of interacting with him at Fertile Ground Gathering. Ranger Brian told us of his plans to retire and visit all the national parks across the country.  He was an endless source of thoughtful, intelligent questions, humor, and good company. In preparing for our first event we learned that Brian had passed the year before, and it brought home all the reasons why this event was needed by the community. To that end, we have adopted Ranger Brian as the patron ancestor of Hallowed Homecoming itself.

Powyll ap Gwenydd

(Paul Jeffrey)

“Father Paul” was a Druid, a Guardian, and a founding member of the Guardian Lodge at Hallowed Homecoming. After serving as a corpsman in the Navy, Paul went into a career in healthcare. The compassion and desire to help others from his professional life was reflected as well in his spiritual life.  Paul was often an interface between the Pagan and Christian communities, helping to build understanding where and when he could. 

​His watch ended on August 11th, 2018.

Daniel Stanton

Dan had a rich and diverse spiritual life with influences ranging from the Celts of Europe to the native nations of Northern America. He was equally at home coding at the computer, multitasking in the kitchen, or honing his skills on the firing range. Dan was a founding member of the Guardian Lodge, and a fiercely loyal friend.

His watch ended on November 20th, 2020.

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