What should I bring?

We have a handy guide for the suggested items for HHSR! You can also add any items you may need using this form.

Can I pay at the door?

No. Park rules prohibit us from “doing business” at the site, which includes accepting cash or other payment. Additionally, due to the isolated nature of the park, we have to ensure we have enough food and cabin space for everyone on site, which requires pre-registration.

Will there be activities for children? Is this event family friendly?

No, our event is restricted to adults. This does not mean there will be “adult” activities, only that the solemnity of the weekend is not conducive to the nature of younger children. 

However, older children are welcome to attend with their parent or guardian. You know your child best, so whether or not they are mature enough to appreciate the activities of the weekend is absolutely your call.  Please note there is no ticket price difference for minors and every attendee must pre-register for the event.

If I stay off site, do I get a discount?

No. While you are not required to stay on site, we do encourage you to do so; however, we cannot provide discounts for individuals who opt not to stay in a cabin.

I have dietary restrictions. How does food work for me?

Our kitchen witches aim to ensure everyone has food to eat all weekend. When you register, there will be a question regarding whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan. Please choose the appropriate option to aid our meal planning pre-event.

If you have any food allergies, please indicate those during your registration. Common allergies we plan for include gluten and alliums (e.g., onions, garlic).

However, if you have severe food allergies, please contact us at kitchen@hallowedhomecoming.com so we can further assist you.

Can I bring an electric blanket or heater?

No; these items are prohibited by the park due to the amount of electricity they require. Use of these items will cause power outages for the entire cabin camp. We strongly advise you to factor in cold temperatures when packing, including bringing several blankets and wearing layers so you can adjust throughout the day.

What is cell phone coverage like?

Due to its proximity to the Quantico Marine Corps Base, there are no cell towers within the park. This usually means that cell coverage is severely limited. If you wish to make a call using your own phone, you may need to leave the park for a signal.

If you require access to a phone, inquire at the kitchen.

If you need to be reachable for emergencies, the number to the site phone is 571-498-7867.

Is the site wheelchair/scooter/other assistive device friendly?

No. Due to the more rustic nature of the site, the campground is not friendly to most assistive devices. Many paths require navigation over exposed tree roots or significant changes in elevation.

How does parking work?

There is a main parking lot that all attendees may use for load in/load out; however, weekend parking in this lot is limited to staff and those with disabilities. Once you have unloaded your car, please contact any staff member to request shuttle service. You will then park in the satellite parking before being shuttled back to the main campground for the event.

Please be sure to contact Registration or the Parking Coordinator before you take your car to satellite parking, as that is the best way to ensure the shuttle driver is available.

Will my cabin be vehicle accessible for load in/load out?

No; the park prohibits vehicles in the cabin areas. If you require assistance, please contact a staff member for a wagon and/or extra hands.

Are all the cabins heated?

The larger bunk houses have heating, as does the dining hall. The rustic cabins (smaller cabins that can fit up to 4 people) do not have heating.

Can I camp in a tent or RV?

No; per park rules, no tent camping is allowed in the cabin campgrounds. While you can reserve tent space within the park, it is a 2-mile hike to that site.

There are no facilities for RV camping in the cabin campgrounds. If you wish to camp in your RV, you will need to use the RV campground on the other side of the park, approximately 20 minutes away.

How do I find everything on site?

Map of the park!