2022 Local Presenter Workshops

Onto the Page: Expressions of the Spiritual Experience

Elizabeth Rutherford Gray

The day or hour after a deep ritual always includes contemplation. Elizabeth is making a space for us to get our ruminations and questions out. Using crayons, pencils, markers, or even words, we will draw, write, and have quiet conversation together. Join them to reflect on what has passed and what that may mean to what lies ahead.

Creating Ritual for an Eclectic Clan

Jacob & Candice

A discussion on the creation of ritual within a group whose members walk differing paths. The workshop will touch on the importance of respecting and blending traditions in the ritual space. There will be an emphasis on discovering the individual spiritual needs of each member and how the group can support those needs.

Ancestors & Art

Lauren G. Koch & Ron Padrón

This session will facilitate engagement with the ancestors and provide space to process through creative self-expression and art therapy techniques. Attendees will engage in a guided journey to connect with the ancestors. Given the length of the journey we recommend bringing an eye pillow, pillow, yoga mat, etc. to ensure your personal comfort. Following the journey attendees will provide form to their experience through textures, colors, words, and images. No creative experience is required. Some art materials will be provided but it is highly recommended to bring a sketchbook and some of your favorite writing/drawing/coloring implements.

Doubt & Discernment in Witchcraft

Cora Procyon

We are often faced with the challenge in our practice about what our guides are telling us. It is a common question spoken quietly amongst peers and sometimes from student to teacher – how do I know if that was real? How do I integrate this information into my daily life? Maybe I am just imagining this? Doubt and skepticism are healthy parts of witchcraft – sometimes a crow is just a crow. Part of a growing practice of witchcraft are the tools of discernment. How does one sort through the incoming information to see? Every witch has a different approach and it changes over time as practices mature and new techniques are found. Cora is going to discuss some methods for discernment and lead a facilitated discussion of participants. Please feel free to bring impressions, messages and experiences from Friday night ritual to discuss.

Run Valdr-ma: Healing Modality Using Runes

Scott Mohnkern

Run Valdr is an energetic magical system with characteristics similar to Reiki using a completely different energy system. In this workshop we will cover the fundamentals of Run Valdr and using it in a healing modality.

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