2023 Ritual Arc

As we descend into ourselves during the dark time of the year, we will shed that which no longer serves us. This year at Hallowed Homecoming: A Samhain Retreat, we will focus on finding our inner selves and strengthening the foundations upon which we build our identity, both spiritually and physically. To do so, we must challenge the preconceived notions we have of ourselves, as well as our external fears.

Join us Thursday evening, as we start to gather at our new site and relax with familiar and new faces. On Friday morning, we begin our work, opening the veil in order to receive messages to help us in facing our internal and external fears. Saturday evening, we will say our final goodbyes to the parts of ourselves that we wish to shed, leaving them as an offering to the death deities. We will come out of our journey able to build on our foundation, our bones. Finally, on Sunday, we will sew the veil together during our closing ritual.

The offered workshops this year will help us to explore our inner selves, allow for healing, strengthening our spiritualities, and explore becoming our own protectors. We look forward to welcoming friends, old and new, as we tear away that which hinders us and unveil the bones.

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