We Are Aradia – Empowerment Workshop & Ritual with Tempest

Our first special guest workshop of the weekend: We Are Aradia – Empowerment Workshop & Ritual with Tempest. The content of this workshop will prepare us for our evening ritual and the start of our weekend retreat.

#WeAreAradia reminds us: “These are the times we were made for.” The Goddess Diana saw her people were suffering from tyranny. She sent her daughter Aradia to earth to teach us the secrets of witchcraft so that we could rise up. We don’t need a savior. We must save ourselves. We need to be the Witches the world needs. This presentation will have two parts: first the workshop/discussion, followed by a ritual. In the workshop section, we’ll cover some history (ancient and modern), look at practical witchery (offensive and defensive), discuss resources and ideas to fortify your practice. In the ritual part, we will invoke Aradia to once again bring her wisdom to us – to protect, guide, and strengthen: to empower everyone who needs it.


Laura Tempest Zakroff

Laura Tempest Zakroff is a professional artist, author, performer, and Modern Traditional Witch based in New England. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and her artwork has received awards and honors worldwide. Her work embodies myth and the esoteric through her drawings and paintings, jewelry, talismans, and other designs. She is the creative force behind several community events and teaches workshops online and worldwide.

Laura is the author of:

  • Weave the Liminal
  • Sigil Witchery
  • Anatomy of a Witch
  • Liminal Spirits Oracle (artist/author)
  • The Witch’s Cauldron
  • The Witch’s Altar (with Jason Mankey)
  • The New Aradia: A Witch’s Handbook to Magical Resistance (editor)

For more information about Laura, visit her website at: www.lauratempestzakroff.com/

2022 Workshops

Scott Mohnkern

Scott Mohnkern—founder of the Modern Heathen and founding member of Potomac Seidr Guild Ondvegisulur—was raised as a Methodist. Since that time he has migrated through various philosophies which ultimately brought him to heathenism, where he has been active for the last 20 years. He currently teaches courses about Heathenism online and in person, and helps run Oracular Seidr rituals. He’s written several books on Northern European topics including the runes, and rituals. He most recently served as coordinator for Free Spirit Gathering Online 2021. His current projects include a book on Northern European philosophy and composing music for an operatic singer to be performed in England in 2022.

Scott received his B.A. from Beloit College in both International Relations and Music, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Denver College of Law. He currently resides with his wife and her partner, in Germantown, MD. He holds multiple certifications in various technical topics, as well as both in person and online education.

Outside of his spiritual pursuits, Scott has served as a network security and courseware developer for the last 11 years.

For more information, visit: http://www.modernheathen.com


  • Introduction to Heathenism
  • Scribe, Philosopher, Mystic: Approaches to Religion
  • Creating Bind Runes
  • Developing a Relationship with Northern European Deities

Amy Blackthorn

Amy Blackthorn has been described as an “arcane horticulturalist” for her lifelong work with magical plants. She incorporates her experiences in British Traditional Witchcraft with her horticulture studies. She is a clinical aromatherapist and is ordained. Amy’s company, Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends, creates tea based on old hoodoo herbal formulas. She lives in Delaware.

She is the author of:

  • Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic: The Green Witch’s Guide to Essential Oils for Spellcraft, Ritual & Healing
  • Sacred Smoke: Clear Away Negative Energies and Purify Body, Mind, and Spirit

For more information about Amy, visit her website at: https://amyblackthorn.com


  • Aromatherapy for Religion and Ritual
  • Making Magical Oils
  • Burnt Offerings: Magical Incense

H. Byron Ballard

H. Byron Ballard, BA, MFA, is a western NC native, teacher, folklorist, and writer. She has served as a featured speaker and teacher at Sacred Space Conference, Summerland Spirit Festival, Pagan Spirit Gathering, Southeast Wise Women’s Herbal Conference, Glastonbury Goddess Conference, and more. She is senior priestess and co-founder of Mother Grove Goddess Temple in Asheville, NC.

Her essays are featured in several anthologies and she writes a regular column for Witches and Pagans Magazine.

She is the author of multiple books, including:

  • Staubs and Ditchwater
  • Asfidity and Mad-Stones
  • Embracing Willendorf: A Witch’s Way of Loving Your Body to Health and Fitness
  • Earth Works: Eight Ceremonies for a Changing Planet

She is currently working on a new book: Gnarled Talisman: Old Magics of the Motherland.

For more information about Byron, visit her web site at: http://www.myvillagewitch.com/


  • Practical Ancestor Work
  • The Spirit-Haunted Landscape: The Spirits of the Land and of Our Ancestors
  • The People’s Craft – Folk Magic and Its Peasant Roots

Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

Ivo Dominguez Jr is a visionary and practitioner of a variety of esoteric disciplines.  He has been active in Wicca and Pagan community since 1978 and has been teaching since 1982.  Ivo was a founding member of the first coven of The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a Wiccan Tradition where he currently serves as one of its Elders.

He is the author of multiple books, including:

  • Casting Sacred Space:  The Core of All Magickal Work
  • Spirit Speak:  Knowing and Understanding Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Ghosts, Angles, and the Divine
  • Beneath the Skins
  • Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans:  Using the Planets and the Stars for Effective Spellwork, Rituals, and Magickal Work
  • The Keys to Perception: A Practical Guide to Psychic Development


  • Hauntings, Spirits of the Dead, and the Ancestors
  • The Triple Shadow: The Shadow of the Three Selves
  • Ancestors, Patrons, and Egregores

Kirk White

Kirk White, MA, L.Ac, is a healer, teacher and author.  He has been a practicing Witch since 1973, a psychotherapist for 18 years, and a licensed oriental medical practitioner for 19 years.  A past president of Covenant of the Goddess (North America’s oldest and largest association of Witches and Wiccans), and past director of the University of Vermont’s Parapsychology Program, he also founded Cherry Hill Seminary, a professional Pagan ministry program with faculty and students worldwide, and co-founded the National Association of Pagan Schools and Seminaries.  In 2006, Wildhunt.org named him one of the “25 most influential modern living Pagans today”.

In addition to working as a consultant with Pagan seminaries nationwide such as the Aquarian Tabernacle Churches’ Wollston Steen Theological Seminary, he is a licensed acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist, registered psychotherapist, and legal Pagan minister.  His skills and interests include traditional healing modalities, various magickal and spiritual traditions, and models of Pagan leadership and ministry.

A contributor to “Exploring the Pagan Path: Wisdom from the Elders” (2005), he is also author of four books to date:

  • Adept Circle of Magick: A Guide for the Advanced Wiccan Practitioner (Kensington Press, 2006)
  • Advanced Circle Magick: Essential Spells and Rituals for Every Season (Kensington Press, 2008)
  • rEvolutions:  The Elements of Mastery (Five Gates Publishing, 2010)
  • Operative Freemasonry:  A Manual for Restoring Light and Vitality to the Fraternity (Five Gates Publishing, 2012)


  • Night Flight: Skrying and Traveling in the Spirit
  • The Witch as Shapeshifter
  • Magick of the Liminal

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