2022 Ritual Arc

As we prepare for the dark time of the year, our thoughts turn inward and we begin to settle into a season of personal reflection and preparation for growth. This year at Hallowed Homecoming: A Samhain Retreat, we will Walk the Path of our spiritual journey, both as individuals and as a community, through the darkness and into the light. Our event structure for the weekend is a little different than in the past to facilitate adequate ritual, workshop and meditation/processing time for each person’s journey through this deep spiritual work.  

On Friday before dinner, we will have our first workshop featuring our featured guest Laura Tempest Zakroff. After dinner, our first ritual begins as we Walk the Path through the darkness to explore our inner spiritual quest and set our intentions for the weekend and season ahead. This ritual will provide an opportunity to seek wisdom for ourselves as we move through the stages of individually Walking the Path.

On Saturday, our workshops will be tailored to help participants process what they learned Friday night, while also being accessible to our day pass attendees. We will have two workshops led by our featured guest speaker, Laura Tempest Zakroff, as well as workshops led by members of the local community. In the Saturday night ritual, we will journey as a community to meet The Hermit, joining together to cast a brighter light ahead of us as we Walk the Path.  

Sunday will bring us to a close with final workshops and a closing ritual debrief before we all depart for another year. 

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